Perloza MT is highly porous regenerated cellulose heterogeneous nature (partially microcrystalline), polymeric structure is stabilized only by hydrogen bridges - not covalently crosslinked. These spherical particles with a porous structure are filled with the aqueous phase.

Thanks to heterogeneities Perloza mechanical stability is excellent, even in the case of gels with large pores. Due to excellent mechanical properties that allow high flow rates and high pressure load is not only suitable as Perloza fillings laboratory preparative columns, but especially large columns on a commercial scale.

PERLOZA satisfies demands for wide use in all types of liquid chromatography of biopolymers, can be sterilized by autoclaving, high pH, or use of antimicrobial agents.

PERLOZA ST produced by drying PERLOZA MT100

It is characterized by the ability to swell in aqueous solutions and most organic solvents. Its properties are very similar like PERLOZA MT.


...based on the PERLOZA MT

It comprises a fixed incorporation of inert magnetic material, so it is suitable for its magnetic properties for the separation of sorbent in a magnetic field and replaces the difficult filtration.

PERLOZA with KMC a dried type of regenerated cellulose polysaccharide containing carboxymethylcellulose

It is used in pharmacy to prepare an absorbent cover for shin ulcers and other inflamed, purulent wounds.