KRYOPERLOZA is regenerated cellulose.
Serves as a medical device for the treatment by coldness - cryotherapy, it can be used as a cool compress.

Composition of KRYOPERLOZA: natural polysaccharide regenerated cellulose saturated with sodium chlorid. Kryoperloza's mixture is filled into sachets of bicomponent film of polyethylene-polyamide closed with top weld.


Back dimensions: 12 x 9 cm
  12 x 18 cm
  12 x 27 cm


Packages: 12 x 9 cm 4 pcs bags in PE- foil
  12 x 18 cm 2 pcs bags in PE- foil
  12 x 27 cm 2 pcs bags in PE- foil


Instructions for use kryoperloza bags

The patient must be before treatment in thermal comfort and assume a comfortable sitting or lying position.

Kryoperloza bag is applied directly to the affected area - time of application should be determined by the nature of the condition and size of the treated area. The procedure according to individual responses and constitution of the patient.


Principle:The smaller the area, the shorter the time of application.


Procedure:Kryoperloza bag removed from the freezer (max. -18 ° C) was applied to dry skin, the treatment site are wrapped in PE film bag and is attached dressing. It is recommended to protect the skin before putting bags distributed by gauze or handkerchief.Po 5-7 minutes, the bag is replaced.

Application is suitable for rheumatism combined with movement. The length and number of appendices kryoperloza bags is necessary to consult with a doctor.

After an initial feeling of coldness or burning (the first 2-3 minutes) kryoperloza treatment is tolerated very well. Administration should be discontinued intolerance of cold or increased pain after 5-7 minutes.


Disinfection of kryoperloza's bags may be made 0.5% sodium SEPTONEX followed by rinsing with water.

Safety and Health protection during work:

Kryoperloza not refill pouches within the meaning governments. According to the law no. 350/2011 Coll. Kryoperloza isn´t poison nor corrosive. It can be classified as a substance to the skin a little dangerous, but highly irritating to the eye.

When applied to the face, eyes must be protected.


First aid: After contact with skin, wash with running water.

Eye contact is necessary to rinse and provide professional treatment from a physician.



Kryoperlozova bag should be protected from contact with sharp objects!


When handling becomes damaged packaging bag is no longer usable!



Kryoperlozové bags are stored at temperatures 0 to +30 ° C and must not be exposed to radiant heat storage.


Do not put in freezer bags directly to the cooling plate!


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