TEPUR is a cleanser for carpets and selected kinds of household textiles, seating suites and upholstered furniture, providing a simple, fast, ecological and efficient cleaning. Its production is based on natural cellulose containing other ingredients, active cleaning agents and perfume.

TEPUR prevents carpets from excessive soaking and shrinkage. For this effect, it is acceptable also for high-strand carpets. TEPUR enables quick and easy carpet cleaning being especially convenient when using rotating heads of vacuum cleaners as well as conventional mechanic cleaning procedures with a medium-rough brush.

Each package includes instructions for use and a dosing table showing the necessary quantity of the cleanser to be used for different pollution levels.

First conventionally vacuum-clean the carpet and pre-clean potential stains (ink, paints, etc.) with a specific spot remover.

Gradually sprinkle the textile / carpet with an adequate amount of the cleanser according to the dosing table.

Use the above method to work the cleanser into the carpet (textile), the impurities will be wrapped with the wet powder material in the process.

Depending on the ambient temperature, let the cleaned surface dry for about 60 minutes at least, then vacuum-clean again.

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