Perloza MG200 is a porous cellulose gel containing magnetic particles, which is firmly fixed in the mass. The cellulose gel is very sensitive to magnetic fields and is therefore suitable for separating sorbent using magnetic force and replaces filtration.

Perloza MG 200 with their characteristics very similar Perloza MT 200 and the similar process is also produced. This is a new stage of development and is currently still tested.

Standard ranges of particle size (um):
Superfine 30 - 50
Extrafine 50 - 80
Fine 80 - 100
The content of particles in a stated range is ensured, in minimal amount, 95.0%
Contents mag., Component: max. 30 %
Volume of layers: 13 - 16 ml/g
Exclusion limit: 4 000 000,mol. hm. proteins, g/mole
Fractionation range: 100 000 - 3 000 000 mol. hm. proteins, g/mole
Temperature resistance: 120°C,wet autoclaving at pH 7.0 for 60 minutes.